A welcoming environment

I work from home and like to establish a very personal relationship with people who need to help. It is a relaxed setting, but the work that has to be done in order to reach your goal is tough. It is religious counselling, and as you overcome your difficulties, your faith will grow accordingly. We establish at what stage of addiction you are and if you need to go to a rehabilitation center, as well as what kind of rehabilitation will work for you. I can assist with this as well. If you want me to treat you personally, it is also possible as long as you are willing or have already kicked the habit and are willing to stay dry. It is also a good thing to seek therapy after being in a rehabilitation center, because the most difficult part is to return to society. Depression and other difficulties we work through issues with the Bible as guideline.

Different kinds of addiction


Smoking is a mind over matter situation. You must decide to stop and put it down. I do not believe in any replacement, stopping is the only option. You will need a support structure and method to overcome difficulties – with that I can help.


One of the most difficult addictions to manage because of social pressure and social acceptance. In order to truly kick the habit, you have to change your social environment as well, and that is easier said than done. There are always baggage that comes with addiction and this we have to sort through.


This depend on the type of drug you are addicted to. We will decide on action as soon as we establish what you are using and which facilities can help, and what stage of addiction you are in.


Gambling for money is what we emphasize. Even casual gambling can lead to temptation to try again. This escalates to a point where a person loses everything. The sooner we can help, the better.


Pornography is the modern day addiction. Watching pornography is as good as adultery in the eyes of the Lord. It is a very easy way to sin.

Marriage Counseling

Getting married is a big step. Two sinful people hopefully committed by the blood of Jesus, who PROMISE to spend their life together. To maintain a marriage is hard work – but there is not problem that cannot be overcome through forgiveness and commitment and putting Jesus in the middle of the marriage. Let me help to repair what you have lost.


Depression is overwhelming and very painful. Jesus says that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. He is the way out of depression and gives us a new way of thinking and believing.


Stress is a part of our lives in the modern world. It is very important to manage stress levels and maintain balance in your life.


Anxiety is negative thinking, beyond logical reasoning. It can be described as dread, apprehension, agitation and loss of control. It can also be drug related (withdrawal).

Career counselling

We do a brain profile test, which puts you in one of 32 brain profile categories. According to your profile we can predict how you will function normally and under stress. The brain profile also can give a very good indication of career choices and we can suit your profile against your choice of career and see how it fits.

About me

When my youngest son was in his final semester at University, I asked the Lord what is next for me. He put the Psychology degree of Unisa right in front of me, but with helping addicts as a goal. I came from a house where my dad was an alcoholic, and I know how difficult it could be for the addict as well as for the family to cope with addiction. My brother and I also battled, but we have overcome and I know for a fact that any addiction can be overcome if you put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are willing to make a change in your life. In my second year I volunteered at XF House Regeneration for counselling where I worked with all sorts of addiction and related disorders. I also did an alternative course in Career Counselling which give a very definite answer to career choices.

No problem is too big for God to fix